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Decide the fate of suspect you interrogate with your choice of action. Question your sense of justice and  morale by utilizing interrogation method of your choice.

Room of truth is about dealing with diversity. Even though a person  is guilty, different or wrong by our own believe, we must not forget that they are also human and we must treat them fairly.

This game is for mature audition who want to see, feel and find different perspective of many cases presented in this game.

Credits : 

  • Afifudin Mahdan (Code)
  • Novel Varius Rizal Apriaji (Art)
  • Fauziah Qatrunnada (Story)
  • Marius de Rosario (Story)
  • Phatronicle (Music & Sound)

More information

Published May 20, 2017
GenreRole Playing
Tags8-bit, artgame, political, Story Rich


Room of Truth 0.2.4b.zip 17 MB

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The game is very interesting so far! When will the next four cases be implemented?

Thanks for playing! Unfortunately  it's currently undetermined. We don't know whether we will continue working on this game or not.

How Do You Get More Cases?

This game is created during a game jam, and we only managed to implement one of five cases planned. So... you can't. :D