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Hey man you should get a disord account and friend me i want to talk to you when you make the account add Late#0940

Cool concept. I'd say it'd be useful to be able to refer to the file again during the interogation. Also the English is a bit off in places. If you start working on this again I'm happy to proof read the dialogue for grammar and flow :)

make this into a full game i be happy to buy it if there was more then just 5 case maybe 20

this game is pretty cool, its fun interrogating people lol,too bad the other cases arnt yet made

The game is very interesting so far! When will the next four cases be implemented?

Thanks for playing! Unfortunately  it's currently undetermined. We don't know whether we will continue working on this game or not.

How Do You Get More Cases?

This game is created during a game jam, and we only managed to implement one of five cases planned. So... you can't. :D